The Designer

An architect by profession and a designer by heart, Andrea Suñé is a Venezuelan born in Caracas, the capital of a country where summer never ends. Inspired by the bikinis that were present on all her trips to her favorite places and looking to conquer new horizons, she decided to embark in the world of design.

Andrea is characterized by always being active. She loves traveling, discovering new cultures and making friends around, which drove her to Latin-American social workshops and summer camps since young, giving her a strong, creative spirit and the team work experience that she would need in the future.

In 2016 she launched her brand, creating swimsuits for family and friends, some of which were custom-made. She then began gaining even more momentum by showcasing her designs on Instagram and participating in the most important bazaars in Caracas. 

At the end of 2017 she graduated from University and even while working in architectural projects, her heart and mind was always with Sunala. That same year, she took the decision to work full time on her brand and has been giving it all ever since.

The acceptance and feedback with clients, was always very positive since the begging; in less than a year she was moving from her showroom -in her family house- to a brand new one, right in the financial center of the city. 

At the moment, she continues her journey and continues to make perfect bikinis. She designs with travel in mind, creating collections that any woman can wear, no matter the age or shape, from day to night and always focusing on comfortable suits that look and feel great on everybody. 

Today, Sunala is a brand that continues to rely on growth and evolution. Currently, the work that only 2 people used to do is made up of a team of more than 12, and that dream that was born 4 years ago is today the livelihood of many families.