From the Caribbean, ready to jetset around the world. Whether by rocking our pieces in a pool party or in a family trip, you will always stand out. Our effortlessly chic, bold and feminine style will always make you feel unique and powerful, like a lioness.

Since day one, our formula has always been the same: quality, carefully chosen fabrics and creativity. By combining these with a special and loving touch, our pieces speak directly from the heart of our teammates, who take care of every single detail, making your dreams come true.

We like to be connected to what is real - real bodies ready to rock the Universe. You will feel confident in any piece that we carefully choose for you and think you can take advantage of according to your shape by suiting you perfectly.

Our swimsuits are rubber free and comfortable, giving you a flattering fit that will allow you to enjoy any activity or sport under the sun, while you feel awesome. Most of our pieces are reversible!

Mix & match our models and sizing, choose your fabrics, and make your design exclusively yours. Click here in CUSTOM MADE and blow up your imagination.

“In our pieces you will find an endless ways of possibilities”.